Some of you might have caught my webinar last week ‘Sketching a Roadmap for EA in the Age of Digital Disruption’. If you didn’t you can check out the recording and download the slides from Slideshare in this post.

Here are a few key take outs:

  1. Business models do not last as long as they used to – and digitization accelerates disruption and rapidly shortens the cycle;
  2. Every CEO in every organisation must come to terms with digitization and its effects, such as how:
    • it will affect their industry and competitive position;
    • their own organisation can leverage digital capabilities.
  1. Understanding existing and required business capabilities (people, process, technology and information flows) is extremely useful when contemplating candidate business models – if not flat-out necessary;
  2. A new architecture job family is emerging to support disruptive strategy and business model innovation;
  3. The emerging job family is taking EA from ‘EA = Business Architecture + Enterprise-wide IT Architecture (EWITA)’ to ‘EA = Business Design’;
  4. This new approach to enterprise planning, which unifies business architecture and the traditional world of EA, also recognises the importance of value discipline alignment for business model and capability orientation;
  5. Organisations (and architects) must now think about Enterprise Lifecycles and seek to harmonise and synchronise the commissioning and decommissioning of business capabilities to bring new products to market, manage the business model portfolio and support the continual development of the brand platform – and the broader enterprise as a going concern.

EA’s Enterprise Lifecyclesillustrating the need to co-ordinate product, capability, business model and brand with the enterprise strategy and objectives.

This is truly an exciting time for practitioners of enterprise architecture and business model innovation.

If you’d like to learn more, please review the presentation below:

Webinar Video Recording

Slide Share presentation

If you have any questions about the webinar presentation please add them to the comments section below and I’ll respond swiftly.