The ground is shifting under foot in a disrupted world and change is accelerating. You might find yourself asking questions such as:

  • How do you make sense of what’s happening in your industry and organisation?
  • Where do you fit into the bigger picture?
  • How can you identify opportunities to innovate and create value?
  • How can you implement them effectively?

This whitepaper explores the different ways your customers see you (value creator, commodity, misaligned and irrelevant), discusses the challenges you face and how you can overcome them with Stories of Impact, Stories of Identity, Stories of Influence and Stories of Insight.

Being great at what you do is only half the story

The other half is what your team and customers tell themselves about what you do. It’s the story they use to make sense of it. Stay relevant by telling stories that matter. Involve your team and clients in a narrative conversation about who you are, who they are, where you’re going and what you’ve learnt along the way.

Strategic Stories Whitepaper

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Is your message getting lost? Enterprise Architects offers a storytelling course which is available by request. For more information about how you can become an avid storyteller, click here to speak to one of our Learning Services Team.