On Tuesday the 29th of April 2014 I delivered a webinar in conjunction with our US partner IAG Consulting. If you missed the opportunity to participate, I have provided a summary of the presentation and the recorded webinar video below. The modern business has a variety of activities that occur across the planning and execution cycle; however this planning cycle is still flawed. There is a gap between what the business wants versus what the business gets, for example:

  1. 46% of business failures stem from misguided strategies.
  2. More than half of all business projects are still failing.
  3. One third of firms fail to achieve expected results from annual strategic plans.

In this presentation I look at the discipline of Business Architecture and its journey to support a more agile outcome of enterprise design. The primary subject areas discussed are:

  1. Business Analysis, Business Architecture and Business Design and where they intersect;
  2. What is the value of each?
  3. Where does the problem lie?
  4. What is currently working and what is failing?
  5. Where can we position the discipline to be the most effective in the organization, and have the greatest amount of impact on the strategic outcomes?
  6. What are the first steps to escalate the visibility and mandate of the discipline?
  7. What training is available and where will it get me?

There have been many disciplines purported to be the silver bullet to be able to deal with these issues. The reality is that business is just too chaotic to facilitate some of the robust and formal techniques of architecture that are available today. Is this the situation for Business Architecture? Is it yet another discipline destined for the methodology and framework scrapheap? If you would like to discuss Business Architecture training, capability or strategy we can open a dialogue – here. We value your contributions so please feel free to do so in the comment section below. Enjoy the presentation.