Enterprise Architects (EA) was founded in Melbourne, Australia in October 2002 by Hugh Evans, our CEO. With his background in traditional architecture, Hugh was motivated to bring a greater degree of planning and governance expertise to business transformation programs. EA soon became a magnet for enterprise architecture talent, providing the ideal environment for architects to access strategic projects with a host of tier-1 organisations. A decade on, EA stands as one of the world’s premier employers in the enterprise architecture sector. We’re delivering a new kind of enterprise architecture capability, one that drives richer business engagement and fast-paced change.

To design and renew great organisations.

At EA, we believe an organisation’s ability to align and reshape itself faster than the competition drives ongoing success. Enterprise architecture has the potential to be a unifying force, building a common vision and roadmap for the business that tracks from the strategic vision right through to project implementation.

To be the definitive enterprise architecture firm.

We aim to set the standard for architecture practice, not just by what we say, but by what we do. We aim to set a new standard for employee engagement and strategy execution by helping staff understand their company vision and roadmap for greatness, empowering every employee to make the right decisions and contribute to the critical path.

Being a services firm we are centred on the needs and experiences of the people we impact. We believe it is possible to shape a business that generates strong financial returns while also generating delightful experiences for all our stakeholders, including clients, staff, suppliers, our owners and society. We believe this philosophy will help us to develop a respected service business that is built to last.

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