The world of business is enormously complex and diverse and the boundaries of enterprise are constantly changing, as are the rules of the game.  So – what matters to an architect? The EA Headspace infographic is a fun way to communicate what’s on the mind of our team here at Enterprise Architects.

A while back, just for fun, we started sketching a network diagram of concepts that are important to an architect.  As the list grew we noticed many of the ideas had a strong bias toward analytical, left brain thinking, while others were more in the intuitive space – and several ideas were somewhere in the middle, drawing from both.

After many iterations and the decision to limit the number to around 200 concepts we saw an interesting graphic emerge – and The ‘EA Headspace’ was born.

We think it’s an interesting device to start the discussion; “What matters to an architect?”  We’ll continue to develop and iterate the EA Headspace as a tool to communicate what’s on the mind of our team at Enterprise Architects.

What do you think matters to an architect? We’d love to hear your ideas.

Click here to download the infographic