While a digital strategy is now a mandatory requirement for corporations the world over, there are varying perspectives of what a digital strategy should comprise, often reflecting the authorship of the strategy within the offices of Marketing, Products or Technology. However, in many instances these strategies appear indistinguishable from the business technology innovation strategies of yesterday.

At the heart of Digital Strategy should be the premise that the confluence of contemporary forces and capabilities present the opportunity for market disruption and service reinvention – yet invention and disruption generally escapes the major corporates seems to remain the domain of the start-ups.

Presented at a recent digital strategy summit, my discussion looks at the impediments to disruptive strategies and presents a hypothesis that a digital strategy which is not steeped in human-centred service design lacks a critical commitment to digital transformation.

Are you really embarking on Digital Transformation? Or just another Technology enabled Strategy?

You can read more on this topic in my blog: Digital Strategy – But Where Is the Disruption?

I hope you enjoy the presentation – feel free to respond debate or add perspective in the comments section below.