On Monday 29th September 2014, I delivered a webinar entitled ‘Driving Your BA Career – From BA to BA’. If you missed the opportunity to participate, I have provided a summary of the presentation and the recorded webinar video below.

 This webinar explores the landscape of the Business Analyst career into Business Architecture. The progression of the Business Analyst career often moves from business understanding to management and delivery type functions.

Webinar Video Recording

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Slideshare Presentation

In this presentation I look at the career path of a Business Analyst and how they can make the transition to a Business Architect. The primary subject areas discussed are:

  • The goal of a good business model is to create coherence
  • The Business Analyst and Business Architecture vocations
  • What are the dominant skills across the mandate
  • Strategies for moving up the curve to open the opportunities
  • Enhance your Business Analysis role with Business Architecture thinking and tools



If you would like to discuss Business Architecture training, capability or strategy we can open a dialogue here. We value your contributions so please feel free to comment in the section below. Enjoy the presentation.