On Thursday the 13th of June 2013 I delivered an Open Group webinar titled ‘Bringing TOGAF® awareness to a much broader audience, inside and outside of the enterprise’. I’d like to follow up with a summary of the presentation and provide you with the slide pack via Slide Share and the recorded webinar video.

Webinar Video Recording

The webinar demonstrates a case study of how a MOOC ( Massive Open Online Course) has been created to provide an open and free learning opportunity for all people who are looking to gain a better understanding of what the TOGAF® standard is and the benefits it brings to organisations. Additionally, the webinar depicts the journey we have taken in sharing our content via a MOOC as part of our efforts to drive out an open source consulting model. We started this journey in 2009 with a series of YouTube videos (Aggregated into one ‘fire hose’ video here) and the ‘Introduction to Enterprise Architecture’ MOOC is the next evolution in that roadmap.

MOOCs are increasingly being adopted by higher education institutions, such as Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and Columbia Universities, as a key learning platform to deliver courses to thousands of concurrent subscribers. We see this as part of the higher education business model disruption and ultimately education will need to think differently about value added process business models and move towards a far more networked and connected economy business models. From my perspective, MOOCs are a step in the right direction.

Slide Share presentation

We believe that intellectual property in the consulting space should be made available to a broader audience to benefit the industry as a whole, enabling higher value creation as consultants than that of the value created whilst operating independently without interaction and cooperation. By exposing some of the ‘black arts’ of architecture to a broader audience we hope to enable enterprise capability and a level of independence in the utility space in order to elevate our potential offering to focus on more in the mix, assemble and innovate space. As an organisation we are also looking to introduce some form of disruption into the consulting space and we see the initiative of exposing some of our IP to the public as one of the steps in that direction.

If you would like to sign up for the Introduction to Enterprise Architecture MOOC, Click here. We value your contributions so please feel free to do so in the comment section below. Enjoy the presentation.