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Resource Co. is a major resources company poised for major growth after government approval to develop new regional assets with a focus upon liquefied natural gas. A significant program of work had been initiated in order to build the IT systems and supporting capabilities in line with this significant expansion of its operations.

In building organisational capability to tackle the transformation programs, Resource Co. sought to partner with credentialed providers of critical capabilities. They wanted credentialed and qualified architects that would operate as a team within and across their major programs rather than individually sourced resources.  While Resource Co. would retain accountability for project outcomes, they wanted the benefits that come from engaging a supplier with skin in the game as far as performance and professionalism of the architecture delivery was concerned. Further, they sought the flexibility to roll off on resources as program demands changed.

EA fashioned a tailored managed architect solution for Resource Co. which comprised:

  • Shaping the team requirements and structure aligned to program requirements.
  • TOGAF® trained and certified the team.
  • On-boarding the team.
  • A quality oversight and performance management framework.
  • Flexible resource management.
  • Access to EA intellectual property and knowledge community as team productivity accelerators.

The managed team was delivered to Resource Co. at a price point equivalent to market rates for contract or interim resource.

Resource Co. benefited from the rapid establishment of a highly capable team that was self-sufficient in management, structure, knowledge and value-add. The operation of the Managed Architect team took the challenge of building and managing architecture capability and outcomes off the agenda for this major transformation.

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