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Mining Co. is a resources industry leader with operations across the globe. With a focus upon operational excellence, Mining Co. sought to explore enterprise architecture methods as a supporting process in informing the strategic investment roadmap and identified a pilot operation to prove the methods.  

The objective was to prove an enterprise architecture approach leveraging capability based strategic planning focusing upon integrated mine planning. The pilot would align the portfolio of work to the strategic business drivers supporting Mining Co.’s expansion targets.

The deliverables included:

  • The Business Capability Anchor Model, mapping of the Application Portfolio to the Business Capability Anchor Model, and the Application Assessment.
  • The Technology Roadmap and mappings of the program of work to the Business Capability Anchor Model, Mining Co.’s strategic drivers and Application Portfolio.
  • The organic Target State articulation based on the impact of current portfolio of work, and refined Technology Roadmap with the organic state.

Mining Co. had a clear articulation of the business capabilities required in support of integrated mine planning and clarity of the health and utility of the current IT assets supporting these capabilities. The roadmaps and strategic state were presented in views that were readily received and understood by business stakeholders. Mining Co. had proven the viability of the methods and the viewpoints / templates for roadmap delivery were adopted as organisational standards. 

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