Australian Strategy & Architecture Consultancy Enterprise Architects* has rebranded its Australian consulting arm to FromHereOn, joining its northern hemisphere offshoot of the same name to become a single, globally focused business design and architecture consultancy. The brand FromHereOn, was originally launched in the northern hemisphere at the 2014 Gartner Symposium in Barcelona. Since then the consultancy has acquired several marquee global clients such as ING Bank, Vodafone and SAB Miller.

Speaking from Amsterdam in the Netherlands, ING Bank’s former global Chief Technology Officer Andrew Henderson added “The FromHereOn team brought a fresh human-centred approach to ING Group, helping us design and deliver a new global technology organisation & service roadmap to support our banking network across 43 countries. Their mix of strategic design, innovative communication and technology execution expertise helped make our ambitious vision a reality.”

The brand change in Australia heralds the expansion of Enterprise Architect’s traditional clientele of ASX100 and government CIOs to the whole C-level, offering a human-centred design and strategic architecture capability to innovate and transform businesses with a focus on people and ability to design for whole-of-enterprise and multinational programs. It also brings together the two consulting teams to offer round-the-clock professional services with a global reach.

*Enterprise Architects training and recruitment arms continue to trade under the Enterprise Architects brand as EA Learning and EA People respectively.