Career Summary

Pieter is a problem solver whose passion is simplifying complexity. Having started his career in actuarial science, he moved on to software design, development and implementation before naturally moving into architecture. Pieter has the ability to transition between business and IT roles and effectively translate between those worlds.

Training Credentials

Pieter holds a Bachelor of Science (Actuarial Science and Mathematical Statistics) from the University of Johannesburg, and holds the following certifications:

  • TOGAF®8.1
  • TOGAF®9.1
  • AIIM BPM Master
  • PRINCE 2

Pieter teaches the following courses at Enterprise Architects:

Pieter has been a consultant and trainer since 2003, and has developed and delivered several training courses and conference workshops. He has completed training with Dr. Michael Hammer in Boston, the Business Process Transformations Group (BPTGroup), Enterprise Architects, The Open Group, Bredemeyer Consulting and AIIM International. He was also a lead consultant of the BPT Group and the author and presenter of their official BPMN certification course.

Pieter is an Enterprise Architect specialising in Information, Business and Application Architecture. He has international experience, having delivered projects and presented training courses in South Africa, United Kingdom, Namibia, Mauritius, Nigeria, Tanzania and Australia.

Pieter is able to engage at all levels of an organisation. He has worked in several industries including Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, Resources, Health, Oil & Gas and Government. He has delivered strategic business architectures, maturity assessments and architecture roadmaps, enterprise business process models, enterprise information architectures, process and content automation and business intelligence solutions.

In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they’re not. When you’re learning something new you need not only the theoretical foundation but also examples of what to do (and not to do) and the opportunity to apply what you’ve learned. In my opinion, grasping the underlying principles and being able to apply and adapt techniques is more useful and important than committing course content to memory.