TOGAF® 9 Level 1 & 2 Classroom

This classroom based training course covers the complete TOGAF® framework. It provides an ideal way for you to learn the framework from scratch and prepare for the TOGAF® 9.1 certification exam.

You will be taught by a certified TOGAF® instructor, who has extensive experience as a practising architect who will guide you through the TOGAF® 9.1 specification and provide insights from their experience in the industry along the way.

After our training course you will have the opportunity to sit an exam and achieve internationally recognised TOGAF® 9 Certification under The Open Group’s certification program.

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This course provides you with the knowledge to sit the TOGAF® 9.1 exams and achieve TOGAF® 9.1 Certification under the certification program established by The Open Group. This is an internationally recognised certification which is much sought after by employers around the world.

This course also provides you with the knowledge and understanding of the framework which you can then look to take back to your organisation to start to apply the TOGAF® concepts and methods.

Knowledge of TOGAF® is useful to anybody involved in business transformations and capability improvements, including Business and IT Architects, Business and Systems Analysts, as well as Business Executives and Managers, Program, Project and Change Managers, and Subject Matter Experts.

This training course is for anybody involved in the development and application of architecture models including:

  • Enterprise Architects
  • Business Architects
  • Business Analysts
  • Program / Project Managers
  • Solution Architects
  • Application Architects
  • Data Architects

  • Infrastructure / Technology Architects
  • Security Architects
  • Technology Vendors
  • Professional Services Vendors
  • Change Managers
  • Technical Designers

Enterprise Architects’ four-day TOGAF® 9 training course covers the complete TOGAF® 9.1 framework and prepares you to achieve internationally recognised TOGAF® 9 Certified status by sitting The Open Group’s Level 1 and 2 exams.

Our course covers the following major topics:

  • The new concepts introduced to TOGAF® in version 9.
  • The business rationale behind Enterprise Architecture and TOGAF®.
  • The overall structure and contents of the TOGAF® 9 document and the key subject matter content.
  • The Architecture Development Method (ADM) cycle and all the phases that make up the cycle, including for each phase.
  • The techniques defined for use in Architecture development.
  • The Architecture Content Framework and the purpose of each of the elements.
  • The guidelines for adapting the ADM process.
  • The Enterprise Continuum and Tools.
  • The concepts, taxonomy and graphical representations of the TOGAF® reference models and their application.
  • The Architecture Capability Framework.
  • The make-up of an Architecture skills framework and why it is needed.