I found the course extremely valuable and it provided a great insight into the world of Business Architecture. It reaffirmed my desire to focus my career down the Architecture path. Although it was a day full of theory it was fascinating, Craig is a brilliant presenter/trainer as he keeps you engaged and explains things in a simple manner. For a one day course I don't think there is much more you could fit in, I did find the 'war room' next door very valuable as it allowed me to see all of the theory come together.
Gareth – Senior Business Analyst
Seriously - it was amazing. Craig Martin's eloquence, depth of subject matter expertise and his ability to clearly articulate issues I've encountered in my travels and how EA has solutions - or at least the tools - to deal with them, literally floored me. I've shown this video to at least one other co-worker who was similarly impressed. Seriously - if you work in information security, you need to start paying attention to Enterprise Architects. There are definite lessons to learn.
Jarrod – Independent Consultant - Information Security Specialist
"The collective noun for architects is an argument of architects": Craig Martin Topic 6 EA MOOC. Enrol @ bit.ly/ZnhXvg #O2SEntrArch
Andrew Josey – Director of Standards within The Open Group
Excellent first module with #O2SEntrArch on#TOGAF and Enterprise Architecture. Craig Martin has some great metaphors for architecture!
Wes Reisz via Twitter
Craig gives simple analogies of making coffee and lego blocks which makes it so so much easier for people to absorb complex concepts
Robert – Consultant


Career Summary

With a career spanning over 20 years, Craig has held executive positions in the communications, high tech, media, entertainment and government  markets and has operated as an enterprise architect and chief consulting architect to local and international markets.

Craig has been a strong advocate of finding differentiation in business through identifying new mixes of business capability in an organisation. He believes in today’s competitive landscape, those companies that do not mix and optimise how they assemble their capabilities will struggle in future markets. He also believes that business decision making outside the context of drivers such as the economic lifecycle, is flawed decision making.

In 2012 Craig took on the role of Chief Operations Officer for Enterprise Architects. The core focus within this role is to improve the scalability of the organization to deal with global demands. It also requires Craig to continue to act as one of the organisations key thought leaders for strategy and architecture practices for clients and in industry.

Training credentials

Craig has a strong history in strategy and architecture consulting as well as strategic and business planning. These skills, along with the deep skill in the architecture space have allowed him to develop new thinking and solutions to deliver to the market.
Craig teaches the following courses at Enterprise Architects:

Craig has a passion for the architecture discipline and the value it can deliver to business. He is an internationally recognised innovator and speaker with the ability to challenge conventional thinking and present a systemic view of what architecture can achieve in business.

Specialties: Strategic Planning, Business Planning, Business Architecture, Enterprise Architecture, Business Management

Architecture, frameworks, methods and techniques are all tools in the toolbox that the modern architect needs to have at his or her disposal. What makes good architects is knowing which tools to use for different scenarios. This means learning and understanding the best techniques to diagnose the problem space and then correctly mixing those tools to achieve the needed business outcomes. This requires a strong understanding of big picture connectedness and seeing how it all fits together. The ability to understand these tools and how to link them together from shareholder value right down to technical implementations is one of the reasons that make our advanced courses in architecture successful in the industry.