The Art of Storytelling in Business

Humans have used stories for thousands of years to communicate, connect and to create sense and meaning. Narrative is built into the way we think, feel and make decisions.

Recent research and practice have shown that stories and storytelling are also extremely effective in a business context for establishing trust and rapport, making sense of complex or abstract information, influencing decisions and inspiring action.

This 2-day course will introduce students to the art and science of storytelling. Through a combination of theory and practical exercises, students will learn about the role of stories and narrative in effective communications.

The primary focus of the course is influence: how to present ideas that resonate.

In gaining knowledge and skill in storytelling you can realise benefits like:

  • Increase clarity and resonance of your message
  • Increase your influence and rapport with your stakeholders
  • Reduce confusion and misalignment amongst stakeholders
  • Gain and hold the attention of your stakeholders
  • Enable effective decision making
  • Inspire group action and consensus

The Art of Storytelling in Business is useful to anybody who wants to use stories to engage effectively with people at all levels of their organisation. The course has been designed with particular regard for people in roles where they use or explain architectures.

This course would be beneficial to people who need to communicate effectively and influentially with their stakeholders on new aspects of strategy, planning and architecture.

Our course covers the following major topics:

  • How to use the characteristics and patterns of stories
  • How to listen and empathise with your audience
  • How to tell an authentic and engaging story
  • How to use a story to build rapport
  • How to make sense of complex information through storytelling
  • How to construct a compelling narrative to communicate an idea