Architecture is a tough job. You don't have to go it alone.

At EA we are experts in architecture careers. We help you access professional networks, choose the right jobs and develop your capabilities in areas that will make an impact. Our reputation with employers and our ability to provide the right advice is valued by thousands of practising architects.

Arch Services

Submit your CV and you become part of EA’s international architecture community. Our process is streamlined and informative, giving you the opportunity to leverage EA’s expertise in career management. We undertake a detailed review of your professional capabilities and experiences, assessing your suitability and providing useful feedback to help you target strengths and areas for development. The outputs provide a useful reference for career planning and for the development of a learning pathway tailored to your objectives. In many instances we will also be supporting the employer’s architecture initiatives, which means a deep  understanding of the client need and a recommendation that carries substantial weight. EA upholds the highest of ethical standards and professionalism, supporting you right through the client interview process. Get started by submitting your CV and you will be contacted by one of our TOGAF® certified specialists.

Our services cover:

  • Providing specialist contract, permanent and interim recruitment as well as managed solutions for roles across the entire architecture job family
  • Every candidate is carefully reviewed using EA’s proprietary architecture skills and competency framework
  • Many organisations choose to use EA exclusively and many vacancies are filled off-market to architects recommended by EA
  • We have assessed around 10,000 architects giving us a comprehensive insight into the composition of workforce capability and resource availability


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