A flexible workforce of highly skilled architects enabled with EA's architecture capabilities.

We've evolved the architecture resourcing model, offering a compelling alternative to sourcing individual contractors: our ‘Managed Architect Service'.

Managed Arch Service

Building and sustaining a strategy and architecture practice is a substantial undertaking, particularly at a time when an organisation is embarking on a transformation journey. At EA we advise our clients to build capability in areas where there will be consistent need and to leverage experts and external sourcing models for specialised architecture activities. The Managed Architect Service (MAS) is one such approach.

Typically organisations choose to recruit contract labour to meet the peaks and troughs of demand associated with the transformation cycle. The MAS solution addresses many of the challenges faced when hiring contract labour and offers assurance of quality, performance and consistency of approach at an affordable price point. We embed a core team of Managed Architects who are hand-picked, equipped, formally trained, on boarded, performance measured and supported by world class architecture methods.

A ‘Managed Architect’ is:

  • Sourced, assessed, qualified and hand-selected
  • On-boarded with a comprehensive orientation about the organisation and project
  • Performance reviewed by our team
  • Provided with quality assurance review of work products
  • Given access to higher and broader levels of architectural expertise
  • Provided with TOGAF® 9 training (and/or other relevant training)
  • Guaranteed to satisfy project requirements
  • Able to be rotated mid-project allowing competencies to be continuously aligned with changing project requirements
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Reduce risk, minimise cost and improve your architecture project outcomes with the MAS service.