We help you develop the right kind of architecture practice, tailored to your needs.

EA has assisted organisations across five continents to establish and optimise their practices.

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An organisation’s strategy and architecture practice is the cornerstone of effective strategy communications, transformation management and IT governance. Yet no two organisations are the same and the shape of the practice must reflect the overall operating model as well as the investment climate and sourcing models of the organisation. Beyond this the structure and accountabilities of the practice should change over time to reflect the changing needs of the organisation.


Our services include:

  • Architecture practice maturity and effectiveness assessment to identify current capabilities, strengths and weaknesses
  • Designing an architecture service catalogue customised to each organisation
  • Defining the architecture operating model and the supporting organisation structure, accountabilities and performance model
  • Profiling team skills and competencies against the capabilities required for each identified service
  • Providing a managed service of managed architecture talent on demand and supported with methodology and other resources
  • Implementing processes for architecture governance and compliance management
  • Training existing staff to address capability and knowledge shortfalls
  • Providing additional staff on short or long term basis

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The architecture resourcing model has evolved.

We provide a flexible workforce of highly skilled architects enabled with our architecture capabilities.

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