Being an independent professional doesn't mean you can't choose to be part of a high-performance team

Independent contractors offer great value to organisations looking to leverage a targeted architecture skillset for important projects. We provide a unique set of support capabilities and resources that enhance the value to both the independent architect and to the client organisation.

Our Managed Architect Service (MAS) provides independent contractors with the opportunity to deliver as part of a carefully selected high-performance architecture team, under a managed service delivered by EA. This team leverages a host of support services and resources.

The Managed Architect Service provides:

  • Indepth on-boarding and orientation to the client organisation
  • Access to EA office facilities
  • Participation in EA knowledge-sharing and communication networks
  • TOGAF® Training andCertification
  • Access to selected EA methodology, content and capabilities
  • Professional guidance, mentoring & support
  • Performance planning, feedback and development guidance

Benefits include:

  • Personal / professional development
  • Brand and community association
  • Priority access to job-flow in terms of consulting and / or contract work
  • Option of growth into consulting and / or permanent staff position within EA

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