As we head into a new year, one thing is certain. Industries will continue to undergo digital disruption, increasing competition and shifting consumer expectations. Incumbents will have no choice but to respond by delivering efficiencies and investing in significant transformation programmes to acquire, partner or build new business models to keep themselves in the game.  

IT organisations in these disrupted businesses have the difficult job of supporting existing IT operations in a more efficient way whilst also integrating new technology that will underpin new business models. CIOs and CTOs need to ensure that their IT operating model is setup for success to execute on both fronts, this means offering the right IT services, enabled by a positive culture, people, process, tools and partners. 

The release of the Open Group’s IT4IT™ at the end of last year provides an interesting and potentially highly valuable reference architecture for IT organisations undergoing any form of re-organisation.  The standard provides models and thinking that can be used as an accelerator for IT organisations wanting to save time, effort and consulting dollars. This focuses the transformation effort on building culture and talent, which I personally believe will be the biggest determinant of a successful IT organisation.

I recently co-presented a webinar in collaboration with the Open Group where we looked at the potential real-world application and benefits that IT4IT™ can offer. A recording of the webinar is available below as well as the slide deck that was presented during the webinar. I hope you enjoy the content and look forward to reading any observations or comments that you have on the subject.  

Introducing IT4IT™

Slideshare Presentation