Career Summary

Patricia is a bridge between two worlds: the fast-paced world of innovation, driven by technology and data; and the ancient world of storytelling; driven by our human need to connect with each other and create sense and meaning in our lives. Patricia harnesses the power of stories to help organisations and individuals connect with their customers, make abstract information accessible and craft strategic narratives that resonate. Her background in mathematics and 20 years’ experience in Information Technology make her ideally placed to bring these skills to business.

Training credentials

Patricia is an entertaining speaker and a performing storyteller, she is also accredited by the Australian Storytelling Guild NSW.

Patricia teaches the following courses at Enterprise Architects:

  • The Art of Storytelling in Business

Patricia began working in the Information Technology industry in 1994, over her 20 years in the industry she has undertaken roles as a programmer, business analyst, project manager and director of strategic initiatives. Something she found working with technologists was that they struggled to communicate their ideas in a compelling way, especially to people outside of their field.

She believed the solution was to put the humanity back into the way people communicated and that was where stories came in. Real stories from real people make the abstract concrete, the complex comprehensible and they enrich the analytical with empathy, meaning and context.


The best way to predict the future is to invent it. 
– Alan Kay