Maurice York EA

Career Summary

Maurice is an accomplished business and information technology professional with vast experience and qualifications in enterprise architecture, management, and consulting roles.  Maurice has specialist skills in Architecture Practice Management, IT Strategy and Planning, Enterprise/Solution Architecture and Solution Delivery for systems in many different domains, including large-scale, complex systems in Utilities and Insurance.

One of Maurice’s strengths is his ability to work as a trusted advisor with all stakeholders, from senior executives to end users. He understands how to deliver the strategic and tactical goals required, and then actively manages and guides the delivery of these solutions.

Training Credentials

In addition to the experience he has gained in a wide range of senior roles, including international IT Management at C level, Maurice has Graduate qualifications in Information systems and a post-graduate diploma in Management of Service Organisations from Auckland University.

Maurice teaches the following courses at Enterprise Architects:

Maurice’s experience as an Architecture Practice Lead and Design Authority chair demonstrate the depth of knowledge and experience that Maurice brings to his clients and training courses.

He has personal mastery and wide experience in all the tools and techniques required, including advanced research, road mapping, portfolio planning, business case development, systems selection (including public sector procurement), capability modelling, architecture management, organisation and process re-design, business readiness, business continuity, audit, risk management and quality controls

“Formal classroom training is an essential complement to personal research and experience.  I have complete confidence in frameworks such as TOGAF® as I know, from practical experience, that when intelligently applied they can lead to an efficient solution for a complex problem. 

But the real value of classroom training is the addition of context, understanding real-world applications and the freedom to interact and collaborate with like-minded students. This gives the student a sense of  confidence that engenders them to go forth and apply the knowledge.”