Cloud Certified Architect

This five-day classroom course will cover the five modules needed to obtain the Certified Cloud Architect certification from the Arcitura™ Cloud School. The course will focus on the core subject areas of Cloud Computing, Platforms and Solutions. By completing this course and the certification exams, attendees will have demonstrated skills in the application of design patterns, principles, and practices used to engineer and evolve such Cloud environments. The course is broken into 5 key modules:

  • Fundamental Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Technology Concepts
  • Fundamental Cloud Architecture
  • Advanced Cloud Architecture
  • Cloud Architecture Lab

In partnership with Silver Platypus

In partnership with Silver Platypus

This course is delivered in partnership with Silver Platypus, the Certified Training Partner of Arcitura™ Education in Australia. Founded by best-selling author Thomas Erl, this curriculum enables IT professionals to develop real-world cloud computing proficiency. Arcitura™ has certified IT professionals around the world from a wide variety of industries including numerous Fortune 500 companies, international government agencies, financial services, IT Service Provides and many others.

Attendees will leave the course with the following benefits:

  • Develop your knowledge in an area that is becoming more and more important in organisations around the world
  • Develop real-world cloud computing proficiency to help deliver tangible business outcomes through investment in Cloud
  • The vendor-neutral focus of the course means the skills acquired are applicable to any vendor or cloud platform.

  • Cloud Architects
  • Cloud Professionals and Consultants
  • Cloud Specialists
  • Solution Architects
  • Infrastructure Architects
  • Application Architects
  • Enterprise Architects

Each day covers one of the five modules required to obtain the Cloud Architect certification:

Day 1 – Fundamental Cloud Computing: This foundational course module provides a high-level overview of fundamental cloud computing topics and their relevance to business today.

Day 2 – Cloud Technology Concepts: This module explores a range of the most important and relevant technology-related topics related to contemporary cloud computing platforms. The course is focused
at a conceptual level, looking at cloud service architecture, cloud security threats and technologies, virtualisation and data processing and storage.

Day 3 – Fundamental Cloud Architecture: This module breaks down common cloud computing
platforms, delivery models and deployment models into architectural layers, mechanisms and industry technologies. It introduces a patterns-centric view that provides insight into the mechanics of cloud environments and further illustrates how cloud based services and solutions can relate to, utilise and be comprised of distributed technology artifacts and components.

Day 4 – Advanced Cloud Architecture: This module provides a deep dive into cloud
technology architecture layers that enable elasticity, resiliency and multi-tenancy characteristics of cloud environments, and further covers various specialised architectural models and design patterns.

Day 5 – Cloud Architecture Lab: As a continuation of the two previous days, this lab-style
module provides a series of hands-on exercises that enable participants to apply their knowledge of cloud architecture, cloud computing mechanisms and cloud computing design patterns to solve complex problems.