EA Learning is delighted to announce the launch of a new course created by Craig Martin and Helen Palmer through Craig’s new business Design Chain. Design in Business will provide a relevant, practical, and highly insightful learning experience for Architects and other analytical professionals into the discipline of Design Thinking.

The Design in Business course pulls together the disciplines of Architecture, Agile and Design into a coherent approach to problem solving. Applying the Human-centred approaches has the potential to add significant value to traditional Architectural approaches by ensuring Solutions effectively meet customer needs.

The discipline of Design Thinking is currently experiencing massive growth, both in the number of organisations applying these techniques and in the professional training market. When asked about the key difference between this course and the growing number of Design Thinking courses on offer, Craig suggested that the major value-add for our customers is “the linkage of the Design tools and techniques down into the Business Architecture and Business/Strategic Planning and Agile Delivery disciplines”.

We have just launched the first public dates for Design in Business in Australia and we also offer in-house training for classes of 8 or more. If you would like more information, pricing and schedules, reach out to our Learning Consultants here.